In history there are key moments that change the way we see things forever. With Port Adelaide’s return to Adelaide Oval, we are about to begin a bold new chapter in our history, one that’s set to change the very landscape of our great Club.

If ever there was a time to embrace your Club and be part of history in the making, NOW is that time.



In March 2014 we will once again be playing footy at Adelaide Oval – a ground that we’ve dominated like no other Club in the game’s history; 21 Premierships, countless contests, battles won and lost.Our return represents a new beginning. As echoes of past victories and legends of old wait to inspire a new generation of players and supporters, placing us on the path to glory.

Port Adelaide’s return to Adelaide Oval won’t just be about a game of footy, it will be history in the making and you have the chance to be immersed in it.

The Club is giving supporters the incredible opportunity to have their name featured on the “Ultimate Port Adelaide Football Club Honour Board” at Adelaide Oval alongside Club legends past and present.

The Honour Board will be positioned within the Club’s inner sanctum at Adelaide Oval in our players race.

As our players steel themselves to run out and do battle, the last thing they will see before setting foot on Adelaide Oval’s hallowed turf are the inspiring names of our most passionate supporters. You will symbolically be going into battle with our players as they seek greater glories.Your name will feature alongside those of all Port Adelaide players past and present who have done the Club proud and shed blood, sweat and tears to make our Club great.

Port Adelaide has been in generations of families who have supported the Club, with the tradition passed down the family tree. This is also a terrific way to honour family members who may no longer be with us but are just as much part of the Port Adelaide heritage as the history makers of 2014 as we move back to Adelaide Oval. Capture your family’s generational support of the Port Adelaide Football Club by including them on the Ultimate Port Adelaide Football Club Honour Board (note a cross + for deceased).

If ever there was a time to embrace your Club and be part of history in the making, NOW is that time.









How will individuals be represented on the Honour Board?
Christian name and surname only. One name per booking. Please note that middle names, family names (Eg: Smith Family), nicknames and messages are not permitted.

How will companies / businesses be represented on the Honour Board?
By the name of the organisation in text. Company logos are not permitted. Multiple Company names not permitted on the one booking.

Will the Corporate Offer be tax deductible for companies / businesses?
Please seek your own financial advice on this matter.

Can my name be positioned with family & friends?
We cannot guarantee such requests. It’s planned that names will appear in surname alphabetical order.

How big will my name appear on the Honour Board?
We can guarantee that your name will be a font size that is clear and legible. The exact font size will ultimately be determined by the number of names that need to fit on the Honour Board

How big is the Honour Board?
The entire length of the players race at Adelaide Oval. Approximately 9 metres in length and approx. 1.4 metres in height.

Can I honour deceased family members and friends by having their name on the Honour Board?
Yes. Deceased family and friends, can be represented by a cross + at the end of their surname.

What will the Honour Board look like?
As per the design featured on the “about” and “search” pages on this website. The names will be placed in front of these images.

Where is the Honour Board Located?
On the western wall of the Port Adelaide Football Club’s players race in the Adelaide Oval Southern Stand.

When can I view the honour board?
Supporters will be given the opportunity when PAFC has access to the facility from late March 2014. PAFC will confirm viewing opportunities in writing.

How long will the Honour Board be in place for?
The Port Adelaide Football Club guarantees the Honour Board will be in place for a minimum of 10 years. It’s not our long term intention to remove the honour board, but the Club cannot guarantee its position beyond the 10 year period.

When will I receive my certificate?
Certificate will be posted once the Honour Board is in position from March 2014.

Be Part of
History in the making

Sign up yourself, friends, your whole family and departed loved ones. Be part of history in the making and have your name featured on the “Ultimate Port Adelaide Football Club Honour Board”.


     $ 100 /name


Your name featured on the Honour Board

Personalised certificate highlighting your place in history

Opportunity to view Honour Board from late March 2014




     $ 1000 /logo


Your company logo featured on the Honour Board, placed below the images

Framed certificate highlighting your company's place in history

Exclusive event in Power Change rooms at Adelaide Oval – opportunity to view the Honour Board

Existing Corporate Partners of the Club receive this offer at a discounted rate of $750


Note: Organisations advised to seek own advice on tax deductibility.

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